FORBES Lifestyle October 13, 2011
Where to Buy Wine Online: the Top Eight Wine Ecommerce Sites for Unique and Interesting Wines
"In my opinion, the most oft-ignored wine size is the half bottle, also known as a "375" or a "split." It's the best format for trying wines that, in the full bottle size, may outreach our spending threshold or sense of experimentation. Half Wit Wines fills this segment in the market by offering only half bottles. What the site lacks in aesthetics and finesse it makes up with a broad selection of over 1200 wines that includes everything from California Cabs to Israeli red blends."
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NEW YORK TIMES January 8, 2010
"Included on my list of New Year’s resolutions was an old favorite: a commitment to drink less — particularly on weeknights, particularly wine... The search for externally imposed wine discipline led me ultimately to Half Wit Wines, a San Francisco-based company that deals solely in half-bottles... despite the modest outfit, they’ve established what has to be one of — if not the — greatest half-bottle portfolio in the world."
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WALL STREET JOURNAL December 7, 2007
"...we got a great idea for an utterly unexpected holiday present -- something for a wine lover in your life..."
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7X7 November 23, 2008
"...two wine-loving San Franciscans, noticed that most shops have an abysmal selection of half bottles. Thus Half Wit Wines—the sole half-bottle-only wine shop in the country—was born. With a dazzling 1,300 wines, Half Wit features everything from fine and rare Burgundies to wonderful everyday drinkers..."
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DAILY CANDY January 5, 2010
"...The shelves are stocked with more than 1,000 bottles from all over the world, and it’s easy to navigate by region and varietal, especially with the option to peek at the label..."
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"For my wedding anniversary this past year, I gave my husband 18 of his favorite wines, in half-bottles...You would have sworn I had given this man a fancy watch, he was so happy– and so was I! After many years of blowing bottles of good wine, only to have a glass each– I quickly wised up to the new world + brilliant discovery of half-bottles, sold by halfwitwines.com. halfwitwines.com is an e-commerce sited DEVOTED to the business of half bottle wines, from every corner of the earth. They sell half-bottles of wine from Australia to Lebanon to Idaho– and everything in between. These people mean business, with an inventory of over 1200 selections."
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